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If you can imagine it, we can build it

The simplest things are usually those that report greater satisfaction. Stainless steel, from its simplicity, has reached almost everything around us: Appliances, Automotive elements, street furniture, and a host of utilities in the sectors of construction, food or chemical industry.

Some clients who trusted us

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Quality commitment

It is the word that all professionals who make Inoxlife have in mind: QUALITY. Whatever the workpiece, along the whole production process, this word is repeated as a mantra. This commitment is what makes us steady progress in our efforts to leadership.

Working model


Inoxlife design team recreates the idea you have in mind. Do not have clear? We provide designs that best suit your needs.


The potential and experience of our experts allows us to perform meticulous planning to deliver our products always on time


Only with the most advanced equipment and the most qualified professionals is possible to bring to life with steel what you have imagined. Refined finishes, obsession with detail and quality in the final product.

Our team

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Projects and Design

Head of production
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Engineering and Direction
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Architecture and Quality Assurance

A perfect alloy

As happens with steel, the alloy resulting from the sum of talent and effort of all members of Inoxlife allows us to tackle any project, however difficult it may seem. A perfect combination of creative profiles, engineers, architects and designers, based in a privileged environment as Málaga is, who make us industry leaders, too, in terms of staff.

No matter the size of the project.


Large, small... PROJECTS

Windows, doors, domes, railings, furniture, stairs ... Just tell us what you want to do, and stainless steel will do the rest. From a table to a large structure; from one element to hundreds. Finishing sandpaper, matt or polished. Decide for yourself or let us advise from our expert team.

Our experience

Unique projects


More than 4500 years ago the Egyptians used stone columns, and all great civilizations have used throughout history. Today, thanks to stainless steel, we can achieve stunning effects in gloss, matte or sandpaper to get really cozy spaces.


From simple and elegant tables, to large structures such as the golden cone that crowns the Benalmádena Stupa, through sculptures or signs. Inoxlife is available for you in any form of creativity.



Do you really want to draw the attention of your customers? Take a look at our storefronts projects and request a quote. Our design team will give you a great solution.


Two clear objectives: fair use of space and originality in our designs. These are the maximum you'll find in the designs of Inoxlife’s railings. Elegant railings, smooth lines and comfort in use, without sacrificing space optimization.



Transform the entrance of your business, your house or your terrace into an irresistible element to cross. Our doors and entrances reflect our passion for detail and quality finishes. Go ahead, come in, go to see ...


Try placing stainless steel furniture in different units. Tables, bathroom cabinets, shower enclosures, hoods, shelves ... Inoxlife’s catalog is as big as your imagination. Try us!

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Finished proyects


Steel tons


Outgoing proyects

Steel at your disposal

What's on your mind? Any idea you have, let us know. Ask freely, and we will contact you to offer the best solutions in the best conditions.

Contact info

  •  info@inoxlife.es
  •  (34) 912 66 69 73
  •  C/ Carril de Guetara, 78 (Málaga)
  •  Inoxlife.es

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